Sunday, May 21, 2017

Stephen Dwight Black 11/16/1958 - 4/1/2017

Stephen Black's funeral mass was celebrated at St. Bridget's Church in Richmond, VA on Friday, May 19, 2017.  It was a beautiful service celebrating the life of a very uniquely talented friend and family member.

Among Steve's talents were entirely self-taught musical abilities on bass guitar and keyboard,  Steve appeared in the very first band to perform at the PSU Dance Marathon, Milo Thunder and the Road Hogs.  He was also the bass guitarist in Paul Sousa's first PSU band with Ted Lyon on lead guitar.

Later Steve turned to acting.  His credits include multiple parts in John Adams: The Mini-Series ( Steve actually appeared next to star Paul Giamatti on the front page of the USA Today article about the series!) and multiple appearances on the television channel Investigation Discovery.  He appeared annually as George Washington in Richmond's historical reenactment of Patrick Henry's Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death speech.

I include multiple examples of Steve's acting gigs.  I hope you will view them and say a prayer for him and his twin sister Barbara.

Wicked Attraction: Live Free or Die - Steve had a large part in this episode as the boyfriend and chief suspect in the murder of his girlfriend. (Hint: he didn't do it!)

Monsters and Mysteries in America: The Mill Race Monster - Steve plays a bemused cop doubting everything about the reports from teenagers about a 7-foot tall green monster.  He actually ad-libbed the bit eating and drinking coffee and the director liked it and left it in.

The Magenta Shamrock:  NOT SAFE FOR WORK due to sexual content (not by Steve!) Steve has only a brief appearance in this well-made short film, which is, in the end, a kinda sorta love story.

The Gravediggers: Hang 'em High:  This was a self-directed and self-written short film about the hanging of Nathan Hale. Steve appears as one of the gravediggers and you can spot Gary Black playing a Redcoat! 


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