Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Rusty Boot Is In Good Hands

The "Rusty Boot" is our newest annual award given at the Alumni Reunion.  It is meant to represent the very best in all Nittany Lions.  Although the criteria are vague (almost ephemeral!) at this point, the first two recipients are certainly among the very best Nittany Lions ever.

Last year, the award went to Coach Groves himself.  And the boot was placed prominently at Coach's residence in State College for all visitors to peruse.

This year the award went to Coach Gary Schwartz, long-time Men's Assistant Coach and former Head Coach of the women's team.  Even though he went on to coach elsewhere, there is still a tinge of blue in his blood.  It was wonderful having him at all the reunion events this year!

And since Coach Groves was somewhat upset that the boot was taken from his residence for the presentation, Coach Schwartz gallantly returned it to Coach Groves' residence immediately following the presentation!  Anyone can see the bronzed javelin boot of Assistant Coach Bill Whittaker when they visit Coach Groves.

Coach Gary Schwartz and the Rusty Boot.

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  1. Well deserved! A great coach and a great guy! He was very good to me. I'm sorry I missed the event! I will be there next year.


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