Sunday, May 14, 2017

"The Best One Ever" And A Thank You

The turnout and enthusiasm for the 2017 Penn State Track and Field Alumni Reunion and 2017 Coach Harry Groves Golf Outing were certainly through the roof this year.  And an anonymous long-term attendee of our event described it as "the best one yet".

Thanks certainly go to Founder and Keeper of the Beer Clark Haley and Event Coordinator Harry Smith for putting it all together.  And thanks to everyone involved for rejuvenating my psyche this weekend after a few trying months! My "old" friends and the many new friends I have made were the best medicine I could ever have been given.

I will have much more to come in the coming days about the event, as I must consolidate several sources of pics and videos with my meager digital skills.  Until then, here is a pic of my foursome and the golfers in this year's tourney.

Me, Steve Balkey, Mike McCahill and John Ziegler.

7 Foursomes!


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