Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Site For Real 800M Fans! PSU is 800U

I came across this great web site celebrating the 800M in an obsessive and glorious fashion.  There is enough here to peruse for many hours, and it is updated nearly daily!

The listing of the fastest 800M runnuers of all-time has 2 Nittany Lions in the top 300.

  • 193 Isaiah Harris 
     (18-10-1996)  1.44.53Sacramento  25-06-2017
  • 289Casimir Loxsom
     (17-03-1991) 1.44.92Eugene  26-06-2015
The listing for top performances for this year has 4 Nittany Lions:

    7  Isaiah Harris
 1.44.53 25-06-2017 Sacramento
  78  Cas Loxsom
 1.46.13i 18-02-2017  Birmingham
 161  Domenic Perretta   1.47.29  21-04-2017   Charlottesville
 175   Brannon Kidder   1.47.36  8-06-2017   Vancouver

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