Monday, July 17, 2017

Lots Of Activity For Coach Groves During Arts Festival Weekend

Our intrepid Golf Course Monitor has let me know that Coach Groves had many visitors this weekend for the Arts Festival.  There will be pictures to come !

And he also became a blog contributor by finding a Donation Thermometer to use as a sidebar widget to show how close we are to fully funding the scholarship in Coach's name.  He points out that with roughly 1,200 living Track Alumni (Golfers) out there, each of us could give just $50 more
and our mission would be accomplished!

So I am mulling over a way of getting another "Club" together with a membership fee of $50, all of which goes to the fund.  (Everyone already knows that platinum membership of our group is totally without fee.)  I need ideas on how to structure the "Club" and what to name it?  Please chime in with recommendations and opinions!

Update: I have determined that the Club will be named "Harry's Boys and Girls".  A new set of Wristbands will be forthcoming for those joining the group.

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