Friday, July 14, 2017

We Are Getting Close To Funding Coach Groves' Scholarship! You Can Help

Steve Brown takes a walk with Coach Groves.
Steve Brown stopped by to visit Coach and took a walk with him and Greg.  Those wondering about the Princeton shirt should know that Coach's dad was a prof at Princeton when he grew up in Trenton, NJ. (Trenton Makes, The World Takes!)  (Steve is still on the lists of top 10 performances in the 5000M and 10000M at PSU:   4th 5000M 13:50.54 and 10th 10000M 29:36.39)

Coach Groves is never very far from our thoughts here at the Blog With It All. All of you know my reverence for him and that this whole blog thing is primarily a way of honoring him for what he has meant to me.

It is a pleasure to see that Coach Gondak has inherited the same spirit that Coach Groves possessed for his 38 years at the helm.  The recent successes of the entire program and the excitement over those to come have all of us eager for more.

The good news is that you can help without even being able to visit Happy Valley or attend one of our Alumni Reunions and Coach Groves Golf Tourneys. (Although, really, put it on your bucket list!)

We are very near fully funding the Scholarship in Coach Groves' name.  We need to reach $300,000 to have a position scholarship named for Coach!  Most of you know what a big deal that is. 

 Coach Groves Scholarship

Coach Gondak has suggested that I put a widget on the blog updating this info.  That will be done, but you need to visit the full website, not the mobile phone site, to see all the links and info on the sidebars!!!  Do this every so often just to make sure you don't miss anything!
And here is how to donate to Penn State Track/XC or any of the named scholarship funds, with 100% of the funds going to where you want them to end up:

Donate Directly to PSU Track/XC 


Go to this website:

Scroll down and click on the Track and Field link (or the cross country link) and then click on the “Make a gift” link

After clicking on the “Make a Gift” link it takes you to the page below.  When you get to the gift amount part you can see it already indicates “Track/Cross Country”, so any amount you put in here will go directly to our program – 100% of it.  If you prefer to donate to a specific scholarship like the Harry Groves Scholarship or the Greg Fredericks Scholarship you type that in the “specific athletic endowment or fund” box and it will be applied to that endowment.

If you prefer to write a check, send it to:
Kirk Diehl
Varsity S
147 Bryce Jordan Center
University Park, PA 16802

Please put Men or Women Track OUD in the Memo line to donate directly to the program, or put the name of the scholarship you would like to donate to in the memo line.


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