Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Bicycle Built for Two

When Harry Smith proposed the latest poll question, I figured everyone would guess correctly that he and his wife Nan are tooling around the "Flatlands of Ohio" on their bicycle built for two. He even supplied all the poll answers, which I readily accepted except for the last one! He originally had the last entry as "Mark Heckel and Mike Valenti", which I figured would get me killed quickly. He immediately offered the alternative, "Marion Jones and C J Hunter" which probably isn't any better, considering 'Roid Rage and such. I will concede that everyone in my family got a chuckle out of the whole thing.

I actually received two votes, which disgusts me, as I haven't been on a bike since 1985. Marion and C J garnered a tie with Artie Gilkes and Rebecca Donaghue, an accolade they probably do not seek. Steve and Beth Shisler also snagged two votes, which gave me the idea of posting the photos of Rebecca and Beth on this post. Beth holds the record for most requested and clicked on photo on our lame blog, but Rebecca is catching up fast. (I give the readers, what they want!) That's Harry in the background leering at Beth. And that's Rebecca unfurling a Terrible Towell at The Dead Sea!

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