Friday, April 10, 2009

The Penn State Track House

I don't know how Coach Groves would have felt about "The Track House", but I can imagine. His disdain for athletes living in Fraternity Houses was legendary, ask Don Ziter, Gary Black, Steve Black, Mark Hawkins, Jim Close and Glenn Chumley... The Track House is sort of a Fraternity for the team without any obligations for "charities and good works". (Just kidding guys! I'm sure charity is your middle name.) :)

The mondo indoor track is nice, and the hat-tip to Coach Groves and Horace Ashenfelter III is great. Now if any of you guys can golf, us old guys would relish the opportunity! If you can't golf, stop by at the Hampton Inn for the Reunion evening on Friday May 29 at 7:00PM, or give Coach Groves a greeting here. Golfing will give you a chance at $10,000, vacations, a set of golf clubs, and most of all "Horace" the golden putter! Special student rates have recently been instituted by the idiot officers of the group! Any questions? Just give me a shout,

Thanks to Flo Track for featuring PSU!

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