Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Official! New Physicist Ordained: And Swine Flu Update

Brian Boyer is now The Official Physicist of PSU Track Alumni Golf. He will be formally presented to the group at the upcoming Reunion and Golf Tourney. He replaces Stephen Hawking after his recent hospitalization in Great Britain for a respiratory infection. Our prayers will be with Stephen to make a full recovery.

I will call the recent pandemic Swine Flu, although the current administration wishes to rename it Man-Manipulated But Not Transferred By Porcine Consumption Flu (MMBNTBPC Flu) because it may make someone feel sad to call it Swine Flu, as it has been called for the last 100 years. The CDC and Homeland Security have combined to offer the pictured innoculation for Americans scared out of their minds by persistent news reports telling us "The Sky is Falling". Meanwhile the concern for the 36,000 Americans killed by the "normal" flu every year garner no mention from anyone. Remember, my point is (and I do have one!), get your "regular" flu shot every year. Epidemiologists have speculated that there has been only one death of a Mexican citizen here in America , because our innoculations provide some protection from the current strain containing human, bird and pig viral RNA. Be wary of the quickly formulated swine flu vaccine to come. In 1976, there was one death from a similar flu but 500 cases of paralysis from the hastily made vaccine, several of which were permanent.

*No children were sickened in the formation of this post.


  1. Is it true 1 dose of Tamilflu will stop the Swine Flu if you come down with it?

  2. My best guess is it would make you only acutely miserable as opposed to seriously miserable. It's also very expensive. I would wait until the government makes it "free".


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