Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yanomamo Nearly Take Over Tournament

When I relented and allowed a foursome to enter the tournament for the first time in the history of our event, I had no idea what forces I had unleashed. I first garnered the scorn of Founder and Keeper of the Beer, Clark Haley. My 2 yearly beers (one on Friday night and another after the first 9 holes of the tournament! Kelly O'Brien can verify) were placed in jeopardy. Only when the organizers realized how many extra entries it caused was my alcoholic allotment restored.

The Yanomamo foursome of Tim Backenstose, Campbell Lovett, Dave Spears and Bob Snyder ended up last in our tourney, but then golf isn't the best sporting outlet of The Fierce People. It is also their rainy season, making them underestimate the speed of the greens. Golfing with bows and arrows is also notoriously difficult.

It turns out that their were many more Yanomamo there than just this foursome. Three second generation tribesmen also joined us; Hunter Backenstose, Nate Lovett and Chris Snyder. I'm not positive about the status of Ian Smith or Seth Balkey, two other second generation participants. There is probably Yanomamo blood coursing in their veins too.

It also became apparent that I shared my foursome with 2 other Yanomamo adherents. Doug Kent and Kelly O'Brien have credentials that may even exceed the other foursome. Kelly was even there at the beginning of the Mifflin Mile (or what ever its called). There may even be a record of this with the campus police!

The Big Tent that is Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golf can easily accept any crazy group Penn State Track has ever accomadated, EVEN FROM THE NINETIES AND 00's!!

And I swear, Results will be coming some time soon! My day job isn't allowing me to blog according to my wishes. And Harry Smith needs to supply me with them, as my muddled intellect will mess them up, causing The Blog Laureate to berate me.

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