Monday, June 1, 2009

Physicists are People Too! And Work is a 4-Letter Word

Brian Boyer always points out that he's a Nuclear Engineer, not a Physicist. But what the heck do the rest of us rabble know. He's a Physicist in my book. The Official Physicist of our group. And now immortalized on the Harry Groves Memorial* Cup, as he was on this years winning team. In an elegant twist, BRIAN HAS NEVER GOLFED BEFORE. He was even closer to the hole on the $10,000 prize hole than 2/3 of the experienced golfers. Keep that in mind for next year's outing. Ability and experience count for little with us. He also sported our 2009 Shirt in style on the links.

It may be awhile until I can blog the results and great stories of this year's outing, as somehow I have 50 patients to see today! (That's too many for those of you who don't know.) Work seems to be interfering more and more with my blogging. What to do?

*He is still very much alive and can still kick our ass.

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