Sunday, October 18, 2015

Carpe Diem

A Rare Totally Curmudgeonly-Free Post by your favorite Curmudgeon!

There are great things happening in the Penn State Track and Field World.  And every one of you can help in any number of ways.  So get off your butt and seize the day!

I spent yesterday in State College. The State College I have come to know and love. At one point at a pivotal moment in my world, the temperature dropped 10 degrees in minutes, snow, rain and sleet began and grayness enveloped the Valley.  And I wasn't even crabby!

How can that be?  What could possibly make ME ignore something to complain about so easily?  Well, Number 1 on the list is this man...

Yeah, you younger people recognize Billy Francis immediately.  I was taken aback while taking pics at the Penn State Open when I recognized a PSU Alumni Singlet in the distance. (and I swear there's another new sale coming!)  I couldn't figure out who it was until he got close.  Billy was in San Diego just 1 day before, enjoying 95 degree temps and possibly "chillin" (or whatever you young hipsters do nowadays!)  But there he was, fighting for position amidst the runners 3 or 4 years younger than him! (hee hee hee, Billy)

I greeted him and received a big hug in reply.  And I've been happy ever since.  I'm not making that up.  I've only ever met two people like Billy, one of them being Billy. (The other was John "DNA" Kauffman for what its worth.)  These two people have the rarest of touches in this crazy world.  The glass is always half full, and might as well be overflowing for these two.  I learned in my numerous Genetics classes (all A's BTW!) that you are either born happy, or not.  Billy wasn't just born happy, he was born to BE happy and make those around him happy.  God bless you Billy.  I'm a big fan.  And everyone should friend him on the various social media.  It will be worth it.  It's also why he has been named our Group's Undersecretary of Fun.

Other Reasons For Not Being Crabby:
  • Got to see Coach Gondak and Roger "Gunny" Roll at the meet.  Both in good shape and working hard.  Gunny was able to send my greetings to Coach Groves.  (And don't the rest of you ever fail to thank Gunny for what he has done for our Country, our Team and Coach Groves whenever you see him!)
    Gunny and Coach Gondak.
  •  Got to meet Craig Houtz who has been taking photos for PSU Athletics since 1977!  He has just digitized most of his collections.  Maybe we will be able to tap into some great pics of days of yore!
  •  Got to see Daughter The Elder place 2nd in the PSUAC Conference in the Penn State Open in the snow, sleet and rain!  Next up, the USCAA Nationals in Florida, with Jim Ryun in attendance!
  •  Got to see Coach Teri Jordan at the meet.  Talked about her son Dan Jordan's new job in Florida and reminded her not to miss the next reunion!  
    Coach Teri Jordan.

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