Saturday, October 17, 2015

We Really Are Teammates Regardless Whether We Ever Even Ran Or Jumped Or Threw Together!

I recently had a wonderful conversation with Bob Radzwich which warmed my heart more than any has for quite a while.  I know Bob through our group and his attendance at our events for a number of years. He is the sole reason I purchase "Death By Chocalate" Ice Cream whenever I'm in State College. (We WILL talk more about actually golfing with us next time!)

Inevitably, the conversation accentuated what I have been telling all of you for quite some time.  Penn State Track and Field Alumni (Golfers) are the most interesting, the most accomplished and the smartest people I have ever met.

Turns out that Bob has the same goals as Clark Haley's original vision that created our rag-tag conglomeration of what I affectionately call "Idiots".  To be one of our Idiots means you are very proud of Penn State and honor Coach Groves and The Program in your every-day life.

Well, Bob also is very passionate about funding the Coach Groves Scholarship Endowment.  His idea is to help fund the Scholarship at the same time you enroll or renew your Nittany Lion Club membership!
And it turns out that it is possible.

From Bob and his "90's Friends":

I’m looking for 100 Alums to give $100 and the major goal is 100 Alums to give $1000 to Groves scholarship.
Bob Radzwich
For those of you who are part of the Nittany Lion Club, I have confirmed you can apply your donation to the Groves Scholarship towards your yearly renewal.  This way you can both designate your donation to the Groves Scholarship and get all the points and benefits of your donation towards your NLC standing.  Do it before 1 Nov and get 3 extra NLC points for early renewal.  Plus if giving $110 more than you gave last year, will also get another NLC bonus.  More $ for Groves Scholarship and more points towards your NLC points total.

The process to donate online:

1] Log into your NLC account
2] Click on Donate or Renew link
3] In the Donation Fund Designation click on the "OTHER 2016 Athletic Donations"
4] Click add to Cart
5] Click Checkout 
6] A survey window will pop up.  Need to enter "Harry Groves Scholarship - Track and Field" into the last box labeled: If you choose other as a donation designation, specify where your gift should be allocated (i.e. sport, scholarship, capital project). :
7] Fill in payment info and submit

If you have any problems you can call Christy at the NLC at the number listed below and she can walk you through it to ensure you get your points and the Groves Scholarship gets your donation allocated to it properly -

Mark Wimmer

And be sure to spread this post around to everyone you know.  Let's finish funding the Endowment once and for all, so we can get to the next task of funding a real outdoor track and stadium and endowing the entire Track Program for posterity!

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