Monday, October 26, 2015

Penn Relays Now Involved In The Bill Cosby Scandal

Not really.  But a new accuser has come to the fore with allegations that he rubbed up against her inappropriately while posing for a picture at Franklin Field during the Penn Relays, saying "Back that thing up..."


  1. Amazing.
    Whatever the truth, too much points to Cosby being a scumbag.

    (Buried deep in your blog is a pic of some PSUers who just finished running at the PRs surrounding Cosby near the track.)

  2. I am supposed to get my 25 year watch next April (for officiating). I certainly will NOT miss having Cos give it to me - I mean my watch . . .

  3. @KKOB, it was Tim Johnson and his gang if I remember correctly. And EVERYTHING is on our blog somewhere!

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