Sunday, December 6, 2015

1982 Atlantic Ten Cross Country Champions

Keeper of The Cup Harry Smith brings us this great pic of the 1982 Atlantic Ten Cross Country Champions from Belmont Plateau.

L to R bottom row:
Barry Enright, Jeff Adkins, Ricky Garcia, Clark Haley, Paul Mackley, John Evans, Harry Smith

Top Row L - R:
Rob Whiteside, Mark Overheim, (A-10 Commissioner?), Coach Harry Groves, Nick Kello, Gary Black, Zeb Stewart

My favorite parts of this:

  1. Zeb and Harry S. rocking the mustache.
  2. Rob rocking the old school gray t-shirt.
  3. My first ever mention of Barry Enright on the blog!
  4. Gary distracted as always.
  5. Nick weighing more than he does NOW!
  6. Clark with a hat reminiscent of Bushwood CC. (Looks good on him, though.)
  7. Coach Groves with the Dirty Harry sunglasses.
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