Thursday, December 10, 2015

Finally! The Complete AIAW Results Are Here!

I really do use the computer daily to obtain more knowledge.  With the caveat that misinformation is voluminous, just about everything you can ask can be googled in mere seconds. I prefer Google just because it is the one I started with.  It's why I plan on buying another Palm cellphone as soon as they start selling one again!  It's also why I still have my original Compuserve email address in perpetuity.

But what did us Neanderthals and Idiots do before the internet, you youngsters may ask.  Well, we used the Google of the times, the wonderful folks at the New York Public Library.

For the price of a stamp, and another self-addressed stamped envelope, these incredible people would search for your answers and get back to you with a reply and citations in 2 to 3 weeks!  I used my snail-mail Google many times, and was never disappointed.

So that's why I have granted Officer status to the 2 Archivists at Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Maryland Michael Henry will be deemed a Digital Archive god (small g so as not to offend anyone!) for helping me finally round up the complete results of the AIAW era of Penn State Cross Country Championships.  This will put our Math Intern back to the basement for the final calculations for the All-Time Greatest Penn State Women XC Runners.  It will add a few friends to the list too!

Coming Soon!  With complete coverage of all 6 years of top-notch performances!

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