Tuesday, December 15, 2015

1976 Was Also A Wonderful Year: Movies, Songs and, of course, AIAW XC Championship Results!

It was like it was yesterday.  I was almost paying attention to what was going on around me. Gerald Ford was President and Chevy Chase was injuring his back making fun of him.  Woodstock was a distant memory, overtaken by Disco of all things.  I even owned a pair of platform shoes to go with my Leisure Suit.

Top Songs:

  1. Silly Love Songs    Wings 
  2. Don't Go Breaking My Heart    Elton John and Kiki Dee
  3. Disco Lady    Johnny Taylor
Top Movies:

  1. Rocky     "You're gonna eat lightning, and crap thunder!"
  2.  Taxi Driver    "You looking at me?"
  3.  Carrie    "Sorry is the Kool Aid of human emotions."

AIAW XC Championship Results 1976

 Penn State finished 5th in the College Womens Cross Country Championships' second year.  Kathy Mills paced the Lady Lions with her 3rd place effort in Madison, Wisconsin.

Team Finish:

  1. Iowa State
  2. Cal State Northridge
  3. Wisconsin Madison
  4. Michigan State 
  5. Penn State
Overall Top 5:
  1. Julie Brown   Cal State Northridge   16:29.8
  2. Carol Cook    Iowa State                    16:39.2
  3. Kathy Mills   Penn State                     16:42.1
  4. Kim Merritt   Wisconsin- Parkside     16:43.4 
  5. Ann Mulrooney Wisconsin-Madison  16:45.3 Kim Merritt, 2000.
Julie Brown.

Penn State AIAW Finishers 1976:
  1. Kathy Mills - 3rd             16:42.1
  2. Liz Berry - 11th               16:56.8 
  3. Donna Gardner - 34th   17:41.2
  4. Kris Bankes - 43rd           17:51.5 
  5. Lisa Turner - 97th            18:38.4
  6. Eileen Meenan - 163rd    19:38.4 
  7. Hillary Noden - 222nd     22:54.0
That adds Donna Gardner to the all-time greats and bolsters Kris Bankes' already lofty status!  Coming Soon.

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