Monday, March 14, 2016

22nd Annual PSU March Madness Pool

Welcome to the 22nd Annual Penn State XC/T&F March Madness Pool.  

Everyone is in the Pool.  It is free and pride only.  Last year we had 165 people.  Feel free to include kids and pass along to other friends of Penn State. 

Picks due by tip off of first Thursday game.

You get all play-in games right.  You can take any team as far as you want.

Please designate your division:

1.       Kid – 8th Grade and Under
2.       Kid – HS/College
3.       Penn State Grad (Hoops Team)
4.       Penn State Grad (non XC/T & F)
5.       PSU T & F (Distance)
6.       PSU T & F (Field/Multi)
7.       PSU T & F (Mid-Dist)
8.       PSU T & F (Sprint)
9.       Spouse/Sig Other of Penn State XC/T & F
10.   Non PSU (XC/T & F)
11.   Non PSU (Non-XC or T&F)

Good luck.

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