Monday, March 28, 2016

Airship 800U Continues Testing

I have several submissions from members I hope to get to soon, but work (a four-letter word ending in K) is crazy this week.  Rest assured, exclusive content is coming soon.  And I think the Interns have stayed in Cancun past their allotted time.  I'm cutting off their credit just in case.

But I did have a little time yesterday to further test drone functions on the Group's flagship Airship 800U.  This time it was the "Follow Me" mode.  Works well, at least if you want to watch me walk around at the start area of the County XC course!  This will work great for the Alumni "Run" and possibly the actual Mountain View Golf Course at the Coach Groves Golf Tourney. (Sign up now!)

And if that bores you too much, here's a group favorite discussing Karma and other things...

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