Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Painful Memories!

Greg Fredericks sent me this listing from the days of yore.  I have talked about it several times before but didn't have the entire listing before.  Remember, this was an "extra" race/training run including many milers.  Nothing like this ever happens today. There are numerous things to note:

  • I "coached" the 5th, 6th and 7th runners to their first ever run over 15 miles.  I coached them so well that they all beat me when I hit the wall at 20 miles. I made them start slowly and pick it up at each 5 mile mark.  We were in third place behind Alan Sharsu when I dropped like a rock.  Larry Mangan, Mike Wyatt and Tom Rapp all had incredible range from 800M to marathon.
  • I managed to stagger home ahead of Liz Berry, hearing the cheers behind me as she set the team record.
  • This is the only race where I ever defeated Gary Black.
  • Seeing Marc Dunmire defeat Coach Groves with curses in the air was great! (RIP Marc.)
  • Psychology Prof Hersh Leibowitz ran 3:25:01 at age 53! (RIP Hersh.)
  • The weather is listed as 50 degrees with no wind.  That is a lie.  There was snow on the roads and we all had windburn!
  • Greg Fredericks did not run! Just for the record...
  • The high number of non-finishers may be due to the 800M guys running only 15 miles???
  • The combo of Jim Clelland and Kelly O'Brien gave Alan Scharsu a run for his money!
  • Bruce Baden was an animal!

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