Saturday, September 3, 2016

I Have Joined The Great Unwashed

These people are crazy.  And by crazy, I mean certifiably insane.

There are thousands of people here in the RV lot for the upcoming Penn State football game against the Sisters of Charity JV squad.  They all have elaborate set-ups seating seventy, with satellite dishes and laser-convection ovens.  I swear I saw Guy Fieri cooking some kind of breakfast buffet in a challenge with some guy dressed as a Samarai.  There's a large unit at the end using 3 generators to power a nuclear accelerator for God knows what?

The main activities are kids screaming at the top of their lungs, younger folks throwing either footballs or bean bags, or older people walking around checking out the other set-ups.  They are already mulling over the costs of upgrading their own next year to "out-do that bastard with the blue Winnebago at the end of the row with 3 generators". Mine is the smallest one you see on the preview screen!

Went for a run and didn't even make it to Rec Hall...  Oh well.  Ron Moore will be proud of me for actually running outside!  10:00/mile pace for some of it, even.

I flew the Airship 800U against all Federal Laws above the squalid camp and I couldn't even purchase my usual $1,000,000 liability policy because the airport is only 3 miles away.


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