Sunday, September 25, 2016

Updates On Several Things

First up, two of our great members are under the weather, so let's put out positive vibes or say a prayer if you are so inclined!

  • Roger "Gunny" Roll, Coach Groves' great friend and incredible American is still a little banged up following his auto accident the day before the Spiked Shoe Invitational.  He would have been one official who would have had my back in the drone thing, but missed it because of the accident.  He never did go to the hospital, but still remains sore all over from the ordeal.  I have nothing but extreme admiration for Gunny and wish him a speedy recovery.
  • Original PSU Track Alumni Golfer and originator of the post-tourney Awards Dinner Stephen Shisler was also under the weather when I saw him at the same meet.  Turns out he was sicker than any of us knew, including him.  He ended up in the hospital twice since. Get well soon Steve!
Next, Greg Fredericks was called upon to replace Coach Groves' stopwatch which finally gave out since the Invitational meet.  All of us realize that Coach just isn't Coach without a stopwatch, and he generously picked up a new one facilitated by our corporate partner Rapid Transit Sports and its leader Terry Losch.

Next, our group's Obersturmbahndronenfuhrer sent me a note of support for my efforts to bring a new vantage point to XC videos...

Herr David,  or should I say,  Air David?

I rejoiced at your views from above.  What a wonderful way of seeing those young souls take to the trees and forests of Happy Valley.   I only wish that more liberal gleenings could be made of the event, but alas the trolls of the FAA, the NCAA, maybe even the SPCA would cast their collective shadow on your efforts to record the event. Could they not just halt all traffic in and out of the airport for the hour of the two races?   Should there be a license on art?  I think not.  To overcome these restrictions I would set up an offshore company, much like Apple has done and hire a few illegals to do the camera work.   You could direct them from a nearby mountain top.  Distance yourself in a tax shelter some leagues from the drone police.  

 I would truly have loved to see the camera at a much lower altitude following just over the heads of the lead pack, perhaps putting a swoosh in their coiffures,  then rush ahead and turn 180 degrees and start backing up as the runners come toward the camera.  Then swoop down to head level and take shots running/flying abreast of the mob.  Pan to the finish and the worried faces of parents considering the costs of the next tuition payment and then becoming overwhelmed by the joy of seeing their offspring carrying  the day for the Nittany Lions, making their foregoing of that Christmas trip to Cancun all worthwhile. 

 I liked the opening score and the Italian sounding music while the three golf carts were  bringing up the rear.   It just so matched those little carts.    Got a bit lost with the bubbly electronic sounds at one point.  I would suggest some of  the music of the Buffalo Hunt from 'Dances With Wolves' be included in the early shots where the pack is still a large group.  Anything with a bag pipe accompaniment might also be considered worthy.

If I may suggest,  perhaps a brief intro with the Band of Brothers speech from Henry V.  See below:

I always thought this speech could be paraphrased to match cross country pre meet dialogue.  Perhaps PSU has a budding 800 meter thespian who could read this part before the meet instead of the national anthem.  There must be a Bruce Dern type there at 800/shot put U.  

Lastly as Shakespeare once said,  "First, we must kill all the lawyers."

Yours,  in awe of your work and your courage in the face of the most foul,

George Brose
George Brose of the blog Once Upon a Time In the Vest gets me.  I think we are long-lost brothers despite the distance between State College and the west coast of Canada!

Lastly, the track resurfacing is nearing its end.  Greg sent me a few pics of the topcoat that precedes the mozzarella-like sprinkling of the rubber chunks at the end.  He was somewhat dismayed that it will remain "red".  And although the grey and orange surface at Tennessee's remake is really cool looking, I agree with Coach Groves that "all tracks are supposed to be red!"  (This, of course, negates that tracks were universally grey cinders for most of his career!)

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