Friday, December 9, 2016

More Old-Time Goodness From The Garage Museum Of Mike Fanelli

I have bumped into the Fanelli family many times throughout my running "career".  Our paths even crossed a few times, although I have never met Mike face to face.  I have met Gary Sr., and even purchased bee pollen from him back in the late 70s at a road race or two.

Since I have become a certified, professional Movie Producer (Go ahead and look me up on IMDb!), my next project has been rolling around in my head for 2 years now.  It is a rip-off of the current hit and my favorite TV show, The Goldbergs.  I figure we could simply switch the "1980-something" catch phrase to "1970-something" and use the same suburban Philly motif and locations many of us are familiar with.  Work in running in all its forms and the episodes would practically write themselves.  The Fanelli family would literally become America's Running Royalty, and take us to many places where we would all smile ear to ear.  Like I have said many times, I am just an idea person.  I will put the Interns on the case to make something happen!

Anyhoo, here's the latest submission from Mike Fanelli that highlights PSU and my idol, who would certainly be offered a guest spot on my show, The Fanellis.

Steve Prefontaine, Donal Walsh, Don Kardong, Greg Fredericks, John Bednarski.

Notice that a certain "good" runner in Marty Liquori didn't make the podium and Mark Covert of Running Streak fame was a high finisher on the William and Mary course.

Also, that jacket with the old-school lion  probably still fits Greg.

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