Friday, December 2, 2016

More Phil Bephore Track Season

As the current team works out in preparation of the upcoming season, and the recruiting of future athletes continues to restock the team with more and more talent, I am left with a collection of submissions to fill my posts.  But they are all good ones!

  •  The new rule on entries to a NCAA track meet are horrendously written, and thankfully delayed for a year now.  Read up on how horrible the rules committee screwed this one up.  As I have said before, any four of us could do better in a hotel room with a keg of beer over a weekend.
  • I have told you many times that running does not injure your knees.  That is still true, even though this article is merely feel-good clickbait...
  • How many times does this have to happen until authorities in our sport finally figures out how to handle it appropriately?  Good people doing good things do not need punishment.
  • Everyone knows I do not take golf seriously (if at all!), but that doesn't mean others don't.  For the record, I know the rules, I just don't follow them...
  • I'm still ahead of this guy, even with his new world record. But not by much!
  • We should not put much stock in anecdotal science.  And will Nike sends some goons to Britain to retaliate?  Are your running shoes conspiring against you?

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