Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conservation of Energy: "It's Simple" says Administration

All our energy problems will soon be solved. No more polluting automobiles, no more need for all those high paying jobs drilling for oil and mining for coal. This is a mock-up of the next generation of American automobile. "The windmill car" will begin production as soon as Congress passes the law to take the rest of your money. * Obama will call a press conference on the next new "South Park" episode or "Larry King Live" to unveil the masterpiece first envisioned by the fortunate amalgam of Greenpeace and Special Olympics.

In other Physics news, Cold Fusion is again right around the corner! Actual neutrons were discovered by the process at ordinary room temperature. "This time, its possibly for real!" say Navy scientists with virtually no clue and funding from the same sources as "Creationist Science" and "Bigfoot Research". Lets get behind them this time. I think its for real this time too, not like those other times we've been scammed and disappointed. Cold fusion will be able to power all our jet-packs, flying cars and laser weapons we have sitting around! Perpetual motion has nothing on cold fusion.

* Making fun of the current Congress and Administration is downright stupid, but oh so simple.

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  1. One out of two PSU Physicists agree with my skepticism of cold fusion. He disagrees with my pooh-poohing of Obama's aggressive abandonment of old energy sources for "new" sources. Oh well, there's room under the PSU Track Alumni Golf Tent for both sides!


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