Thursday, March 12, 2009

The "Younger" Crowd Trickles In and "Horace" is Coming After All

We are starting to get inquiries and actual sign-ups from the "younger" crowd, which should help the scores this year. Ben Karcz, PSU 500 and 600 meter record holder, will tee them up with the likes of the rest of us. We also have three women team members so far signed up for the reunion and three wives golfing with us. Welcome one and all!

And "Horace" will be coming after all. The same wonderful folks who have set up our hole-in-one prizes have set us up with a golden putter engraved with "PSU Track Alumni". This will be a rotating prize for the longest putt on the 18th green. Horrible golfers like me will always putt first, so one of us could snag the golden putter 's use for a whole year! The winner will be required to bring it back for the next year's event and supply us with periodic photos from its travels to golf courses and mini golf courses around the globe. (Or ship it back to me for more than it would cost to come!) The 18th green will also be the sight of the grand prize $10,000 for a hole-in-one. That means you can't win both! What a shame. The best part is that none of us paid for it. I used a debit card I obtained for filling out a drug company's questionnaire about a new medical device.

Mr. Horace Ashenfelter III has been invited but I have not heard back yet. Anyone seeing this that could contact him, please pass the word on. He would be an honored guest for sure.

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