Friday, March 20, 2009

Preparations Continue For Coach Groves Tourney

Officers are hard at work on the final preparations for the 8th Annual Coach Harry Groves Golf Tourney, the preeminent event hosted by Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golf.

Harry Smith, Keeper of the Cup, is finalizing the additions to The Harry Groves Memorial Cup, making it able to handle the esteemed names of many future champions. Clark Haley, Keeper of the Beer, has confirmed the reservations for 10 tee-times, the most in the history of our event. Let's see if we can strain the good folks at The Elks Club by needing more! Gary Black, Director of Corporate Espionage, is readying his books to prove the rest of us officers absconded with none of the funds, (We wish!) And here I am, continuing to make stuff up and not really doing any work. (I wish!)

Family activities for non-golfers are being finalized, with some alternatives being offered. A trip to the All-Sports Museum, the Berkey Creamery and possibly a picnic lunch atop Mt. Nittany for the adventurous are just some of the ideas bandied about by Family Activity Facilitators. Families are not only welcomed to our event, they are requested by the inspiration to the whole thing, Coach Groves himself. Make sure they all stop by to say "Hello" to Coach at the reunion evening.

And the last piece of preparedness necessary is.... the foil. (hat-tip to Artie Gilkes)

Addendum: Us old-timers were bolstered today by the addition of Jim Clelland to our throng of poor golfers. The younger crowd still fears us, however. No one can figure out why! And lets welcome back Coach Bill Whittaker. He'll even golf all the holes this year! Lets see... he's an early 70's PSU Track alum, a former PSU decathlon record-holder, a member of The Elks Club and a heck of a good golfer! That means he's eligible to be an "A" golfer in our group!

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