Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Round and Round a Square Track and a Bar Fight Breaks Out!

Congratulations readers! We finally got a quiz question correct. It was 6.85 laps to the mile at dear old venerable Rec Hall. I will point out however that more people answered incorrectly than correctly, but 6.85 was the most popular answer. Sort of like when more people voted against Bill Clinton than for him, but it was still a win for him anyway, not necessarily for the country.* We will return to Physics questions soon, so get your thinking caps ready.

Rec Hall always stirs great memories. Sometimes they are not good, but memories none-the-less. We began running indoors at the Ice Palace the year Dick Harter (before he dicks you!) became the basketball coach. In addition to scandals with cheerleaders, he introduced "closed practices" to the venue. Even my wife was outraged at this affront to "real athletes". She cursed a blue streak at some poor rent-a-cop while stretching one day before practice. I wish we still ran at Rec Hall that year just to see the fight between Harter and Coach Groves over kicking us out! My bet is always with Coach in matters like this. A true measure of a man is which side do you want him on if a bar fight breaks out, yours or the other. I always want Coach on my side. Wiry and wily always wins a good bar fight.

I also heard from the elusive Kevin Kelly O'Brien yesterday. We reminisced about his 150 mile week in March 1978, to which Coach just cursed and questioned his sanity. Turns out Coach was right again, Kelly was injured shortly after! (I didn't know that part of the equation.) 150 miles in one week would be 1,027.5 laps at Rec Hall. I shall endeavor to persevere in convincing him to come to our reunion. Good News: Kelly is in for the reunion

And Happy Birthday to Larry Mangan! The 11th anniversary of his 39th birthday!

* Political commentary is cute and all, but virtually no one shares the same opinion. Blog officers accept no responsibility for any bar fights breaking out.

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