Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meshing of the Old and the New!

Unfortunately, I'm the Old, not the New. My attempt at a comeback in the mile ended after 880 yards when I realized I would soon be lapped! Ken Cooper's band of Merry Men ran a mile and a 4 X 440 yd relay, as they do several times a year. This time, it was at the Outdoor Track due to Big Ten rules prohibiting any of us from stepping on the Indoor one. It was the first time I ever remember the wind hitting us down the home stretch, although others felt it in every direction. There were some impressive times considering that State Patrick Day was being celebrated all weekend. Arrests were up this year, but lists of the arrests are not yet available. I'll cross my fingers. The most impressive time was handed in by Gary Black in his comeback debut from bilateral hip replacement, 7:10, only 10 seconds off the facetious time I had said he would run when I figured he would actually die from the surgery! Ken Cooper and the gang were said to be planning a run at the Switchbacks behind Skimont Sunday morning, although I have no confirmation it actually happened. I still don't know whether I convinced any of them to golf, but I tried.

Addendum: Bob Radzwich, Chris McGinnis and Mark Wimmer managed to run the Switchbacks on Sunday earning them an honorable mention for "Great Performances". (Only missed by a whisker because they haven't golfed with us yet!)

The Big Ten Indoor Men's Track Championships were a huge success for Penn State. The team placed Third for the best finish ever, and the alumni presence was felt at unprecedented levels. Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golf was introduced to the current team and the large alumni crowd to a rousing applause. Well, some people clapped anyway. I barely made a fool of myself and kept my insanity hidden quite well. I am encouraged that PSU Track has some wonderful times ahead. I had worried that attempting to unite the current team to the past teams would prove to be difficult. But by what I witnessed, we are in for a pleasant cruise indeed.

Beth Alford-Sullivan and the Assistant Coaches couldn't have been more friendly, even in the midst of a difficult to coach meet like the Big Ten Championships. Their strategy was rewarded with a second day avalanche of points highlighted by an 800 meters I won't soon forget. Congrats and thanks to the whole PSU Track Organization. We WILL have the largest and most dynamic Track and Field Alumni group in the entire world!

Coach Groves is pictured above being acknowledged before handing out some awards. Coach is in fine shape and psyched for the Golf Outing. Get your entry in, and remember, I'm taking bribes to be placed in Coach's foursome! We have had several sign-ups already from our efforts this weekend including Bob Gabel, who helped me snag my job in the PSU lab. Verbal commitments were made by Leon Woolford (a previous award-winner), Dave Rihtarchik, Brian Laird (multiple Champion), Chris Herr (name engraved on the Cup!), Rob Boulware, and Brian Boyer. Other schools may be recruiting them also, so lets hope they honor their commitments! The quest for anyone from the "lost decade" continues. Remember, the first from the nineties is half-priced!

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