Monday, March 2, 2009

Physics Promises Us a Time Machine

But then again, they said we would all have flying cars and ray guns by now! Here's a pic of PSU Track Alumni Golfers Brian Boyer and Steve Balkey at the Reunion One Mile Run and 4 X 440 yd. Relay on Saturday. Brian chugged a 6:30 mile in the cold and gamely ran a leg in the relay to thunderous applause. Well, I clapped anyway. Steve ran a 6:00 mile AND had just come from a hockey game where he "dropped the gloves" again. Hockey and Running are the 2 greatest sports!

Brian is in for the Golf Tourney! He will arrange a lecture that week and layover for the Tourney. His lecture on IAEA Inspections Thursday went well except for the snickers when he referred to the phrase "materials unaccounted for" by its acronym MUF. (Hehehe, Beavis, he said Muff.) There's no accounting for undergrads, even physics ones. Brian unveiled his Richard Feynman T-shirt for me. I'll have to visit him in Los Alamos to get one of those!

Steve had his wife and son at the meet on Sunday, as he gave out the awards to the Milers. He had to keep the 2nd an 3rd place finishers separated or they would have come to blows. It was good to hear his son tell me that he is running AND playing hockey, just like his dad! I'm not sure Mom was as thrilled. That's Steve's 12 year-old son Seth giving a thumbs up with The Lion, along with Gary Black and Larry Mangan's son Anthony at the meet on Sunday.

Seeing everyone there was as close to a time machine as we are likely to get. The Golf Outing will be even better, as the numbers continue to climb. Don't miss out on a chance to reminisce with old friends, renew old rivalries and possibly get arrested downtown if you dare to venture out with the "Young Crowd".

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