Thursday, October 18, 2012

Death of an Icon

Not the person, just the store.

The Bill Rodgers Running Center at Quincy Market will soon close its doors forever.  The Faneuil Hall iconic store has been around since the store moved from the Cleveland Circle original site at the 22 mile mark of the Boston Marathon.  It was as much of a museum as it was a store.  I can only imagine what the rent must be at a place like that in one of the most expensive cities in America.


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  2. Hi Dave -
    I have a pristine bumper sticker from the original BRRC on Cleveland Circle.
    Next car I buy will be sporting it.
    At 60, the next car I buy may well be the last car I buy.

  3. You will one day be assigned a skate board with a windmill for power after they take all our cars away. It might be big enough for your bumper sticker though.


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