Monday, October 8, 2012

Life is Turning Into a Southpark Episode

As we patiently wait for more Cross Country action, we must turn our thoughts to less important things, like elections and the world of gaming.  As I won't obliquely comment on the upcoming election, let's stick to the World of Gaming.

I have always thought that computers have ruined the Gaming World.  It has taken imagination and ingenuity, wonder and creativity, and substituted expensive hardware and state-of-the-art graphics.  Complete morons compete equally with 67th level Wizards who graduated from MIT with dual majors in Computer Science and Philosophy.  My days with the original Dungeons and Dragons (3 pamphlet boxed set!) were so much better than today's fare.  I'm told my set would be quite valuable if I was to part with it.

So it was with a giggle and a chortle or two that I read the headline from Forbes of all places!  "Hacker Attack 'Kills' Thousands in World of Warcraft."  Serves them right.  And I'll bet they all paid a lot more than the ten bucks my DND was in 1975.  My 7th level Wizard Rocc Singh would kick their a** from here to Southpark anyway.

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