Thursday, October 4, 2012

Even I Didn't Go This Long Between Race Wins!

Teddy Roosevelt last won a Presidential race in 1904.  In that race, he defeated Alton Parker, a Southern Democrat with apparently no running ability. 

But on October 3, 2012, Teddy finally won another one after a string of defeats totally more than 500 attempts.  Way to go Teddy!  This time he defeated known great runners, Abraham "800U" Lincoln, George "25 foot long jumper" Washington, and Thomas "Skeets" Jefferson!  (There actually is a story of George jumping 25 feet across the Potomac River in his youth.. The 800U and Skeets part I made up!)

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  1. Not only big for Teddy, but GO NATS! Playoff-bound, pennant winner and best record in the majors after many lean years.


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