Monday, October 8, 2012

Let's Start a PSU Track Alumni All-Star Band!

We certainly have at least one lead singer with "Jumpin" Paul SouzaSteve "800 U" Black played bass guitar for the headline band at the very first Dance Marathon.*  He also played bass guitar in Paul's first PSU band!**
And here's our first lead guitarist, Pete Bortolotti.***

How about some other nominees for our band in the Comment Section!!

* For bonus points and a PSU Track Alumni iron-on patch, what was the headline band's name?
**  For another PSU Track Alumni  iron-on patch, what was Paul's first PSU band's name?
*** The best nickname for Pete also garners a patch!


  1. Pete "Slowfoot" Bortolotti

  2. Cruel but humorous. (And he wasn't slow!)

  3. Also cruel, but I'll let it slip in as a "Toy Story" reference. (And he doesn't smell!)

  4. Stealing from that former LSU tiger (and former PA resident), how about - Pistol Pete

  5. Good one. Slowfoot wasn't bad either. And for trivia's sake, Pistol Pete's last words, just seconds before his death were "I feel great". (Not joking.) Turns out he had only one coronary artery, only discovered at autopsy. Pete Bortolotti has at least two!


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