Monday, November 19, 2012

10(+) Reasons Why I Know God* Has The Best Sense of Humor

  1. Hotdogs come in packs of 8 and hot dog rolls come in packs of 6.
  2. Runners meticulously keep track of their times and miles, but routinely lose their car in the lot at Disney World after the marathon.
  3. Runners pay up to $300 to purposely run a Marathon in 5 to 6 hours at Disney World.
  4. Lindsay Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor in a schlock made-for-TV movie and some are surprised she's getting bad reviews. (including Lindsay Lohan!)
  5. They are making the 7th, 8th and 9th Episodes of Star Wars.
  6. A dedicated runner with money to spare won't buy a treadmill that isn't able to allow speeds of less than 4:00/mile, despite not being able to run any faster than 8:00/mile.
  7. 5-Hour Energy is seriously threatened by rival 6-Hour Energy.
  8. All seven vacated Tour de France Titles would have gone to a rival who tested positive for PEDs.
  9. Barefoot Runners actually complain about not having Shoe Contracts.
  10. The less hair I have, the more a haircut costs.
  11. Maryland and Rutgers in The B1G.  (Maryland has no Men's XC Program).
  12. The Baconator at Wendy's.
  13. Flushable Cat Litter.
  14. They still call it phone dialing.
*  Anyone can substitute The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Gaia, Fate or anything else they wish.  We are an all-inclusive group!


  1. 11) KKOB wears a medium.

  2. * Coach Groves approved!

    ("If you can't kick a man when he's down, you don't deserve to kick him.")

    hee hee hee


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