Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Photos Stolen From the Internet: With a Recipe to Boot

 Photo stolen from Cody Edling.  Riding a balloon is another one of those things that isn't on my "Bucket List". 

Photo stolen from Clay Shaw, who takes some of the best running photos in the world.  Let's make him an honorary Penn State Track Alumni Golfer for this one showing Kara Milhouse winning the Race for the Diamonds in Berwick on Thanksgiving Day. Check the previous post's comments for some additional Lions who own a diamond!

Clay has run a marathon on every continent and is currently completing the second marathon in every state!

And this one is for the Birthday Boy Ron Moore, who will become our group's co-Physicist when he golfs with us at this year's reunion. (?)  Photo stolen from W&M friend Brian Mount.

And here's another stolen from Brian:

But I'm from Dover Area High School, so I don't know about the evolution thing!  Just kidding people, but 1/2 my high school friends would be offended by this one.

And here's a recipe for making an Egg McMuffin at home. 

This is a photo I took myself!  It shows an actual mug given away the very first day that McDonalds sold an Egg McMuffin in 1972.*

*Invented in the late 60's by the McDonalds immortal Herb Peterson, the sandwich went nationwide in 1972.

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