Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Sad News With A Snippet of Zen

Steve Bongivengo, keyboard player with Paul Souza and the Velveteen Playboys passed away this past weekend.  Steve was a fellow Penn State graduate and I got to meet him at the last Arts Festival where the Playboys were the headline band.  My condolences to all involved.

And here's Steve on the right in his PSU days Live at The Scorpion!  Check out Paul with hair and another PSU Track Alumni Golfer in this great photo from yesteryear.  Take your guess in the comments below!!!

Here's a little bit of Outdoors Goodness from Tom Walchuck way out there in Alberta.  That's in Canada.  Sort of like America's Attic.  We don't get there often, but there sure is some cool stuff up there when we finally climb the stairs to have a look.  They also have the finest coffee and donuts in the world. But you need a Passport now!

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