Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Was the Only Adult in America Who Didn't Shop on Black Friday

Apparently, I am a relic of the past.  Forgotten and alone.  Desolate of desire.  A hermit who refuses to associate with others of his species during the most important day of the year.*  Instead, I took the opportunity to up my mileage on the treadmill every day during my 3 days off!  Two-a-days to pad my yearly mileage.

Image is not a wholly accurate representation of me on the treadmill.  I never wear a head-band.

* To retailers.Pro-Form Power 1080 Treadmill - Treadmills (Google Affiliate Ad)


  1. If no headband then what did you wear to match your "sneakers"?

  2. The gradual blueing of my skin during the workout matches the sneakers quite well. (They look like blue Converse All-Stars!) And apparently Nike laces because they won't stay tied.


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