Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Tee to Greens" Can Be an Effective Training Workout for Cross Country Runners

It was one of those workouts guys like me really hated.  For those who don't know, it involves an interval workout on the golf course where you run at near race pace from the tee to the green, then circle the green at a jog, heading on to the next tee for the next repeat. What always happened for me, and a few others who fell behind after a few repeats, was that we would end up running the whole thing at near race pace trying to catch back up to guys like Alan, Tom, John, Jeff and Larry.  Needless to say, this is not an effective training regimen.  Running 26:00 for 5 miles on Wednesday was sometimes followed with a 26:15 on Saturday! 

So to help those out there who need some guidance on the proper use of this particular training technique, Founder Clark Haley sent me this great video explaining it all.  It even works for middle-aged, out-of-shape golfers, which makes it doubly great for our group.  Pay attention to the gentleman's unique running style here, incorporating an upper body workout in with the cardiovascular interval.

Content Warning:  This Video Contains the f-word several times.  Some violence is visualized.  Cross Country Running is not for sissies!  Blog Officers will not be responsible for any offense taken by viewers.  You could turn the sound off and not lose any of the instruction the video provides.


  1. Three worst XC workouts ever:
    1) Bypass loop for time
    2) Park Forest hills
    3) Tee to green
    Since 1977, the sight of anything written by a black, felt tipped pen brings on a wave of nausea.

    1. Thank you.
      Thank you, Anonymous.
      I've been searching to no avail the shallows of my mind and reunion-goers' minds for several years to recall Park Forest ad the location and name of the original half-pipe workout. Boy, did that suck...and I miss it. Do you recall the street name?
      Thanks again Anonymous.

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  3. I'm all in with the golfers. Beat the $hit out those radio-controlled jacka$$e$. And for the record, I remember quite a few slackers among the pointed-out elite...
    Anyone recall the Easter Sunday Golf Course Driving Range Outing from '80, I believe. We "played" then hit the Nittany Lion Inn Buffet. I KNOW I ate more fresh shrimp than balls I hit (or missed). I have/had a pic of our brunch outing.

  4. Not Elite, just faster than I!

    And another example of me not getting the message about a get-together. An outcast among outcasts! hee hee hee

    And it was North Oak Lane. A double dose of anaerobic Hell.

    I can see the black felt tip workout taped to the locker room door:

    3 - UP
    8 x North Oak Lane
    3 - Down

    Even though it was further than 3 miles to get there!

  5. I fully admit to slacking on some of those hill workouts and the by pass in the first year....Gary took my place as the chief slacker after that! :)

    Nobody slacked better than Close and Chumley when they hitched a ride back to Rec Hall. LTM

  6. Steve Black was with them. Those guys were not fans of the bypass loop.


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