Friday, November 2, 2012

Kathy Mills Helps All 7 Little Lady Lions to 5K PRs

PSU Track Alumni honorary golfer Rebecca Donaghue coaches the Little Lady Lions of State College High.  (Dave Felice and Steve Shisler coach the Boys.) They won the District 6 Title recently with all 7 runners running their 5K PR.  Rebecca says a big part of her motivation was the photo of PSU American Record Holder Kathy Mills she posted on the wall of the locker room to inspire grit and determination, which Kathy had an ample supply of.  (Torturing the English language is a big part of my blogging schtick, but you get the point.)

The Little Lady Lions will be in action tomorrow at the State Championships in Hershey.


  1. Great motivational tool!

  2. Coach Groves often says that Kathy was the toughest runner he has seen. In more flowery terms!

  3. Both a fierce competitor and one of the nicest persons you could ever meet.

  4. Placings for Kathy Mills in the AIAW, the precursor to the NCAA for women.

    1979 Senior 4th
    1978 Junior 3rd
    1977 Sophomore 1st
    1976 Freshman 3rd

    Perhaps only Prefontaine and Lindgren on the men's side can boast of such a record of top 4 placings. Fierce competitor indeed!!



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