Tuesday, March 26, 2013

100,000 Visits Soon: A T-Shirt is Up For Grabs!

We will soon be visited by our 100,000th fan!  And you people thought it couldn't last.  Shame on you.  I have been bringing this drivel to you for the past 5 years and feel obliged to present somebody with a prize from our Group Store.*  So I'm knuckling under and offering a "PSU is 800 U" t-shirt to the 100,000th visitor to our humble blog.
This is the same t-shirt that will adorn the competitive milers at the Alumni "Run" at the Reunion, as well as the best "Rabbits" in the world.  It is designed by an honest-to-goodness Olympian and is available for purchase at the Group Store** by anyone and everyone.  Let the world know who we are!

Here's a little video to celebrate the 100,000th bloke or "blokette" from a certain Canadian that's not opposed to gun ownership by Americans.


*I will attempt to identify the 100,00th visitor, but if I can't I will award the closest known visitor after the 100,00th!
** Have I mentioned the Group Store?

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