Thursday, March 14, 2013

"God Particle" Greets New Pope, A Comment is Elevated to A Post And a "Separated at Birth" You Won't Believe

Although "The Press" is disappointed that the Pope turned out to be a Catholic and not of the female gender in a same-sex partnership, the "God Particle" has been finally announced in as definite a form as Physicists ever will allow it to be to greet the new Argentinian Pontiff.  He has asked all of us to pray for him, and I will, as there is no one I pity more than the man put into that position.

And a comment in the latest "book review" deserves to be elevated to a post in and of itself, so here it is:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The summer after my junior year of HS, courtesy of my cousin Joe Mangan (an eventual 2:19 marathoner and Norcal Aggie - famous for their Bay to Breakers Centipede), I received an envelope of tabloid type newspapers which chronicled the daily happenings of the 1976 Olympic Trials held in Eugene, OR. A year earlier, Joe had sent me T&F News annual HS edition and I was startled to learn that a guy named Eric Hulst held the HS records for the 2 mile at every class level, but senior - 9:04 as a frosh, 8:55 as a soph, 8:45 as a junior. I was equally stunned to learn that two other guys - Thom Hunt and Ralph Serna had chased Hulst to some of those times and were all also sub-4:10 milers!! In '76 Hulst qualified for the 10K in Eugene along with Hammond,IN star Rudy Chapa (who garnered fame at the U of O) the HS 10K record holder at 28:32.7. When I first competed at college meets with those guys, I was completely in awe at seeing, in person, those names that lit up the pages of T&F News (which then could only be received in a mailbox attached to a house or to a post near the front of the house). A few years after that, I was fortunate to be a teammate of Thom Hunt, who was (and still is - currently the drummer for The Jackals) one of the most fun people in the world to hang out with. Hunt was also the drummer in Sweat Band, a Eugene base band that boasted two, sub 28 10K guys. One was Hunt, who can name the other???

ltm  (Answers in the comments,please!)
 And I got this third hand, but it is too good to pass up.  I have always thought that Coach Groves could kick any of our asses even up to today, but I never figured he could defend us in a Court of Law.  Until I saw this:

John Olson, Attorney - Scottsdale AZ

If he's a golfer I'm half inclined to pay his way to golf with us in May.  Good times would ensue!

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