20th Annual Penn State Track and Field/XC Reunion

And SAVE THE DATE! The Executive Committee meeting of the Officers of the Group convened and chose the dates for the 2022 Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tournament. This will be the 20th anniversary of the formulation of this whole shebang, and you better SAVE THE DATE!! So set aside May 13th and 14th, 2022. (Each year will alternate between May and August) We will be going all out for this event and you won't want to miss it. Adult beverages, camaraderie with old and new friends, mediocre golf, AND LIVE MUSIC FROM PROFESSIONALS! Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A National Title For a Nittany Lion

Beth Shisler, second from left.

Beth Shisler was part of the winning 40-49 4 x 200 M Relay at the USATF Masters Indoor Championships yesterday. She also added a 3rd place finish in the 200M!

Other Nittany Lions at the Meet are Mark Hawkins (13th in the Mile) and Steve Phelan.

Steve Phelan, Beth Shisler and Mark Hawkins.
Honorary Group Member and WandM alum Brian Mount added a 14th Place finish in the 800M.

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