Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Quiz: Who am I?

Submitted from one of my dozens of readers!  Answers in the comments below.

Hint: He wasn't a Nittany Lion.


  1. Seriously???? Not one track cognoscenti in the group? Sad.

  2. Houston McTear , May 9, 1975, when McTear came busting toward the finish line in the high school state track and field meet at Showalter Field in Winter Haven (a preliminary heat leading to the 100-yard dash final in Class AA).
    The stands were far from full. Not all eyes were trained on what was playing out before them.
    McTear, an 18-year-old junior at Baker High School, suddenly was the fastest human on earth!


  3. Ahh, too easy.
    Houston McTear.
    I'm pretty sure I read he attempted a comeback in the 90s.
    KKOB '80


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