Monday, March 20, 2017

Broken Brackets

Tyler McCandless has broken out into the lead in Ken Cooper's Bracket Challenge for bragging rights among Penn State Track Alums.  But his staying power is in question as he has Louisville to win it all.  And that isn't going to happen!  So chances are Tyler will be hitting the Marathon Wall come the final round.  And he isn't alone...

Others from our cadre of regulars among Track Alumni Golfers near the top of the heap are, Jim Clelland (15th), Brian Boyer (16th), Zeb Stewart (18th), Darryl Jones (19th), Michael Gross (20th) and Mark Hawkins (21st).  Brian and Michael have Villanova to win it all (hee hee), Zeb has Duke (ha ha), Mark has Gonzaga, Jim has Arizona, and Darryl has Kansas.  So there will be new names on this list in the next rounds.

In the hunt for the tasty dog bone, Spott Moskowitz (68th) has moved up substantially over Bo Quinn (116th) in the Jack Russell Terrier ChallengeKierrun O'Brien (99th) is slightly ahead of Thomas Bernard Roth (106th).


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