Thursday, March 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday With An Update

From an anonymous source I have results from the always welcome Dogwood Relays back in 1980.  Dogwood was always the beginning of Outdoor Track and a great respite from the cold weather track workouts in University Park (or Westerly Parkway Junior High in 78 and 79!).

Of note are great performances from 2 of my great friends that day...

Jim "Noisy" Clelland with a splendid early season 14:10 5K to win the Open race (with Charlie McGuire not far back!)  and Mike Wyatt with a second in the Invitational 1500M in 3:44.05!  PSU was also second in the 6000M Relay to Georgetown (with John Gregorek and Kevin Byrne) in 15:14.86.  (Not sure who was on that squad, but Larry Mangan, Tom Rapp, Bob Snyder and Alan Scharsu were among those available at the time.  Does anyone have the info on that?)

And another old school activity back in the day was running races in costume.  Nobody did that better than Philadelphia's Gary Fanelli, who ran some great times dressed as a NY Met and a Blues Brother!

Elwood Blues (the one with the harmonica) in Paradise.
 Well, original Penn State Track Alumni Golfer Bill Malchano replicated the feat recently in a half-marathon.  He relates he wasn't in good enough shape for a real race so he wanted to have a little fun.  By the looks of things, he did!

Bill Malchano.  (I remembered the "a" again Bill!)
Now let's ask him about the chafing!

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