Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Madness Continues To Go To The Dogs

Artist's Conception.

For years now, I have relegated the choices of March Madness bracket picks to my four-footed furry friends.  First was the original Spot Moskowitz, the feistiest dog any of us have ever known.  Spot was a true stray dog in the neighborhood, living outside for many months.  It took a half of a chicken as bait and a real "dog whisperer" to capture him with a big butterfly net and blanket.  It took me 2 years until I could touch him and 3 years until I could pick him up.  But he loved being part of the menagerie in our house and had his own bed next to ours which he loved with every one of his 5 pounds.  There is nothing like the true love an adopted dog will give you, even if it takes awhile to shed their fears from the past.

The original Spot Moskowitz. The always on leash because we couldn't touch him!

The next Spott Moskowitz inherited the duties once Spot passed on.  He may not be the best basketball prognosticator but he is currently in the lead of the 5-dog division in Ken Cooper's Bracket Challenge!  (Two more dogs have been identified in the field and they are now an official division!)    

 Place                 Name                 Points
          77                 Moskowitz, Spott                     55
         113                Roth, Thomas Bernard             52
         136                O'Brien, Kierrun                       49
         148                Morse, Champer                       45
         155                Morse, Faither                          34

Overall, certified Track Alumni Golfers in the top 25 are:

  • Tyler McCandless
  • Brian Boyer
  • Matt Groves
  • Darryl Jones
  • Michael Gross
  • Che Arosemena

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