Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Second Snow Day Means You Have Time To Respond Now For The Reunion And Golf Tourney During The Big Ten OutDoor Championships!

I'm back at work this AM, but not many people are trickling in for their foot problems.  I suppose many of you are milking the "Storm of the Millennium" for another day off work.  That means you have time to enter Ken Cooper's Bracket Challenge and also get your funds in to Event Coordinator and Keeper of the Cup Harry Smith for the Reunion and Golf Tourney Weekend.  Remember, this is to honor Coach Groves and there are a finite number of chances to share these with him.  We would all love to see you there.

And in a way to make those non-golfers and horrible golfers out there decide to join us on the links, here is my finest moment on the course from early in the tournament history.  I only had a handicap once in my golfing career and it was north of 30 (34, I think?).  So chances are, some of you that have never held a golf club before are actually a better golfer than I.  And if all you can do is putt, you can still be a valuable member of your foursome.  Take a chance, why don't you?

Here is Coach Groves putting first and showing me the line.  Paul Mundy and Nick K. cheer me on for the unexpected birdie!

And who can forget Coach Groves' speech that same year at his Retirement celebration at the Ashenfelter Complex?

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