Tuesday, March 14, 2017

God Gave Us A Snow Day So We Can Fill Out Our Brackets

Yes, it is that time again.  Time to enter Ken Cooper's Bracket Challenge!  And this year's battle will also be the setting for the first ever Jack Russel Terrier Match-Up.  My very own Spott Moskowitz will be up against Director of Fun's Bo Quinn If there are any other Jack Russells out there, you are invited too.
Mercedes, Bo and Teddy Quinn.
Spott Moskowitz in his natural habitat.

Welcome to the 23rd Annual Penn State XC/T&F March Madness Pool. 

Already the Cheeseheads are complaining about getting a lower seed than the U of Minnesota Gophers.  Suck it up and just play.

Congrats to Northwestern, who scored a ticket to the dance for the first time ever.  Can they make a run?

Everyone is in the Pool.  It is free and pride only.  Last year we had 149 people.  Feel free to include kids and pass along to other friends of Penn State. 

Picks due by tip off of first Thursday game.

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