Monday, March 27, 2017

Why Does This Guy Keep Talking About Dogs?

Well, because they are God's greatest gift to Man.  And my dog leads the Dog Division of Ken Cooper's Bracket Challenge!  That's why.

Among the people in our group, very few are near the top, which somehow consists of mostly 8th graders and under!  We should really be hanging our heads in shame.

  • Darryl Jones in 13th (with nowhere to go from there!)
  • Tyler McCandless in 16th (with a little wiggle room...)
  • Brian Boyer in 17th (and stuck in the mud!)
  • Michael Gross in 32nd (with all four tires off!)
None of these people can win, either.

Which brings me to the feel-good story of the day!  Spott Moskowitz has steadily risen in the ranks with each round, and although he cannot win it all, he has solidified his dominance of the newest Dog Division of the Tourney.

  • Spott Moskowitz in 36th (with North Carolina to win)
  • Thomas Bernard Roth in 56th
  • Kierrun O'Brien in 76th
  • Bo Quinn in 145th
  • Champer Morse in 150th
  • Faither Morse in 156th 

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